Sushi Tasting Bachelor Party in San Diego

San Diego is the city of quality Sushi. Sushi chefs from all around the world have settled in the city. Whether you like creative ‘modern’ style rolls or you prefer a traditional Japanese Sushi, a sushi tasting with your group of friends can turn into a wonderful night to remember.

For the adventurous epicureans we have a delight in store. San Diego is home to some of the most authentic Sushi houses. One of our favorites is Sushi Ota in Pacific Beach. They serve live shrimp, giant clam, sea urchin and more. Order sushi rolls, nagiri or hand rolls. They host a robust selection of sake to enjoy as well.  Check out is simply top notch. We can recommend the places to eat, but getting there is half the fun. We recommend the San Diego Bachelor Party Bus to take you to dinner and then to a night in the town. All starting at $899. To shake things up a bit, continue with a few bottles of first-class sake. This event needs to be planned well though, if you really want it special, contact us and we’ll take care of all the details for your party.

Sushi and sake are the perfect ingredients for your unforgettable bachelor party.

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