Sushi Tasting Bachelor Party

San Diego is the city of quality Sushi. Sushi chefs from all around the world have settled in the city. There are great sushi restaurants here, some of them serving first-class Japanese specialties.

If you are planning a bachelor party for the groom and you know that he is a sushi connoisseur, a sushi tasting would be a great idea for the bachelor party to make it special. Whether you like creative ‘modern’ style rolls or you prefer a traditional Japanese Sushi, a sushi tasting with your group of friends can turn into a wonderful night to remember. Choose a restaurant with a good reputation and leave the rest up to the chef! This is known as “omakase” style of ordering. This gives the chef control over what is served and he can transform your sushi party in an exquisite culinary experience. To shake things up a bit, you can continue with a few bottles of first-class sake. This event needs to be planned well though, if you really want it special, contact us and we can give you our top five San Diego sushi restaurant list and take care of all the details for your party.

Sushi and sake will be the perfect ingredients for your unforgettable bachelor party.

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