San Diego Golf Caddy Girls

San Diego is home to some of the best golf courses in California. When your group comes out for a destination bachelor party or stag party, playing golf is a fun way to keep the group together and play in the San Diego sun.

Let’s make your bachelor party one to remember by booking our fun and friendly Golf Caddy Girls, who will:

  • Keep the atmosphere fun and flirty
  • Support your guests with the golf game

Full Bach Golf Experience With Our Caddy Girls

San Diego Golf Caddy Girls qualities:

  • Fun, local, and gorgeous Southern California Girls
  • Love to hang out on the green with you
  • Enjoy driving the bachelor’s golf cart
  • Will wash your balls
  • Help you choose your iron
  • Can tee the bachelors balls
  • Dress in golf course-appropriate attire
  • Are friendly, flirty, and happy
  • Make the bachelor party on the green more fun
  • Great eye candy for everyone

When coming to San Diego to play golf, book our Golf Caddy Girls to make it a more memorable experience.

  • Rates start at $400 per Caddy Girl
  • Always a choice of San Diego Caddy Girls
  • Caddy Girls work off tips and fun
  • Confirm with the golf course the allow extra riders
  • Book your tee times after 11 AM
  • Book the Caddy Girls as extra riders with the golf course
  • Feed & water your Caddy Girls to keep them happy

It’s sunny out on the green in San Diego. Booking Golf Caddy Girls will make you cool.

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