Frequently Asked Questions

Traditionally, bachelor parties are exclusively for men, and you can plan a celebration only for the groom's male friends. But no strict rule dictates women can't be included in a bachelor party.

You can plan your friend's bachelor party however you want; enjoy an all-guys brewery tour in San Diego, go clubbing, or have fun with beautiful pool party girls at your rental.

We have both bachelor party bartenders and mixologists. Bikini bartenders pour two mix pours such as rum and cokes, vodka cranberry, beers, and wine. Mixologists pour more complicated drinks. Please let us know if you need a mixologist for your bachelor party in San Diego.

We have both Super Bowl bartenders and mixologists. Bikini bartenders can serve beers, wine, and two mix pours such as rum coke, and vodka cranberry. Mixologists create craft cocktails such as Old Fashions, Martinis, or Painkillers. Please let us know if you need a mixologist.

Yes. Our Caddy Girls will come to any golf trip in San Diego.

Please call the golf course to make sure they allow extra riders.

We specialize in bachelor parties only or guys' night outs. So you can only book our Pool Party Girls for bachelor parties in San Diego

Yes. Our Bikini Bartenders can bartend poolside. And, combined with the Pool Party Girls, these bikini girls will enhance your bachelor pool party.

We specialize in bachelor parties or guys' night outs only. You can only book our Bikini Bartenders in San Diego for these events.

Yes. We can offer Sexy Santa Bartenders for Guys' Night Outs or Work Holiday Parties in San Diego.

Yes. We send you a portfolio of available Golf Caddy Girls, and you can choose the ones you want for your bachelor golf trip.

Yes. You will receive a portfolio of Pool Party Girls to choose from for your bachelor party. The faster you book, the better it is for you because you get more Pool Party Girls available for your celebration.

Yes. We will send you a portfolio of available Sexy Santa Bartenders to choose from.

Yes. We take a 50% deposit now, then cash to the girls when they arrive.

Yes. We need a 50% deposit to reserve the Golf Caddy Girl for your golf trip or bachelor golf getaway, then cash to the girl upon arrival.

Yes. The Poker Dealers and bachelor party event staff work off tips.

Yes. When you provide the mixes, our Sexy Santa Bartenders can pour Christmas cocktails.

Yes. Our Bikini Bartenders come to your bachelor party at the vacation rental, private residence, or Airbnb in San Diego.

Yes. All our bachelor party event staff come to you, including the Poker Dealers.

Yes. Our Sexy Santa Bartenders come to your private residence or vacation rental.

Yes. We can offer Bikini Bartenders last minute. However, your choices of girls available will be limited. Book Bikini Bartenders for your bachelor party as soon as possible to select the girls you want.

Typically, bachelor party gifts are not a requirement. However, some guests choose to bring a symbolic or small gift that the bachelor party group can enjoy during the celebration. People gift things like champagne bottles, cigars, or party games.

Yes. We can accommodate last-minute Sexy Santa Bartender bookings.

Super Bowl weekend is super busy. We suggest booking eye candy event staff right away. We take a 50% deposit now, then cash to the girls when they get there.

We recommend booking the Poker Dealers for your bachelor party as soon as possible. They get booked up fast.

You can give us a call and reserve your Poker Dealers even before you secure a bachelor party vacation rental. Just update us on the party location afterward.

The typical bachelor party lasts 2-3 days, but depending on budget and desire to make this celebration hard to forget, a bachelor party weekend can become a bachelor party week.

You might want a well-planned itinerary for a bachelor party longer than two days to avoid boredom. Check out our Bachelor Party packages for the San Diego area and contact us for hassle-free party planning services.

We recommend you book one bikini bartender for every 15 guys at a bachelor party.

We recommend you book 1 Poker Dealer for every 10 guys at the bachelor party.

We recommend you book one Golf Caddy Girl per foursome. That way, you can enhance your golf trip or bachelor golf getaway in San Diego.

We recommend 2-3 Pool Party Girls for every 15 guys at the Super Bowl Sunday party. That way, you'll keep your guests thoroughly entertained.

We recommend you book 2-3 Pool Party Girls for 15 guys to keep the bachelor pool party fun and exciting.

We recommend you book two Sexy Santa Bartenders for your bachelor party.

Golf Caddy Girls are booked for the day. Tipping $100-$200

Pool Party Girls are great at making the bachelor party PG fun with nice eye candy. It is the perfect entertainment when they guys say, "No Strippers."

Absolutely! San Diego is a fantastic bachelor party destination with beautiful beaches, great weather, gorgeous scenery, and ecstatic nightlife.

From planning a fun brewery tour in the famous Craft Beer Capital of America or enjoying a party bus and club crawl, you can't run out of bachelor party ideas in San Diego.

It is Super Bowl weekend. We recommend booking our Bikini Bartenders and Pool Party Girls back to your vacation rental on Saturday before the game. Then, on Super Bowl Sunday, we recommend heading to Pacific Beach to hit up the sports bars to watch the game. It is totally fun down there.

The most relaxing and popular activities for a bachelor party are renting a pontoon boat or yacht and chilling in the gorgeous waters of San Diego while enjoying refreshing drinks, swimming, and listening to music.

Bachelor party guests also go to Gaslamp Quarter for clubbing and entertainment, rent a party bus, or play golf with beautiful golf caddie girls on one of the multiple golf courses in San Diego.

All of our Poker Dealers deal Texas Holdem. Make your Super Bowl bachelor party memorable with our female Poker Dealers.

You can cancel your booking of Bikini Bartenders. There is no refund on the deposit. However, we can move it to a different night.

You can cancel your Poker Dealer booking for your bachelor party by giving us a call. There is no refund on the deposit. However, we can move it to a different night.

You can cancel your booking of Golf Caddy Girls, but there is no refund on the deposit.

There are no refunds for canceling your Pool Party Girl bookings. However, we can move the entertainment booking to a different date.

We understand if your plans changed. You can give us a call and cancel the Super Bowl talent you booked with us. There is no refund on the deposit. However, we can move it to a different night.

It's important not to ruin other guests' fun at a bachelor party, so avoid doing something that will spoil the mood. For example, don't get insanely wasted and do something you'll regret later.

You should also keep in mind what the guest of honor dislikes. For example, don't invite people the groom can't stand or plan an activity you know he won't enjoy.

And most importantly, don't let the groom pay! He already has to deal with the wedding expenses and needs to relax with his buddies for the bachelor party. So go ahead and book a brewery tour or yacht party for his celebration in San Diego.

We take a 50% deposit now to reserve your Pool Party Girls, then cash to the girls upon arrival.

We recommend booking right away to secure the Pool Party Girls you want for your bachelor party. These fun girls get booked fast!

Gaslamp Quarter is the core of San Diego's nightlife, with trendy nightclubs, famous DJs, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods with rooftop bars, open-air restaurants, and atmospheric jazz.

With so many clubs to choose from, the only thing you need to make your bachelor party in Gaslamp Quarter hard to forget is our clubbing VIP bottle service.

The best men and groomsmen usually pay for the bachelor party (activities, entertainment, drinks, meals, party rental, etc.)

There are some exceptions when the groom contributes to the expenses; for example, if the party is out of town, but most of the time, the guest of honor does not pay.

Guys, you're throwing this single send-off party for your best friend, who will soon be married. Prepare your wallets and make the celebration memorable!

All our bikini bartenders will be wearing a bikini. They will make your bachelor party totally fun!

Your party is not complete without an experienced bartender. Our professional bartenders will ensure your Bach party is a success. They can prepare exceptional drinks from the alcohol you bring to the yacht and make sure to satisfy each of your guests' preferences.

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