San Diego Yacht Bachelor Party Booze Cruise

You can do your bachelor party on a Yacht! Fully loaded with booze! Fully loaded for the San Diego Harbor Cruise. San Diego Bachelor Party has put together a yacht bachelor party package that includes; sun, fun, friends, booze and cruise. Imagine all of your pals on one of our San Diego Bachelor Party Yachts cruising along in the San Diego Harbor. All of our yachts have interior and exterior spaces to enjoy, Bluetooth or wired speaker system for music, kitchens or bar areas for your food or drink, restrooms, lounging areas, seated bows, and areas to enjoy the sun.

San Diego Bachelor Party Is a Booze Cruise Expert

Once we know how many guests you will be hosting, we will customize a bar for you. For only $49 per person, we can put together a Beer & Wine Bar or a Hard Alcohol Bar.

We provide the ice, mixers, booze and cups. We do all this so you don't have to. In addition, we do have access to a professional mixologist.

She is a local San Diego girl who knows how to make the most ordinary bar extraordinary. When we book her on the day of your yacht bachelor party you will be happy.

We Provide the Perfect Size Yacht to Fit Your Group Size

We have yachts that hold 2-4 people, 8-10 people, 11-20 and other larger yachts that hold up to 30 to 60 passengers. No matter how big or small the group; we can handle the party on the water.

Recommended Charter Times Starting at $800-$4000:

  • 2-hour cruise
  • 3-hour cruise
  • 4-hour cruise

When you are ready to book the Ultimate Yacht Party for your bachelor party, our phone lines are open.

Our customer service representative will find you the perfect boat, the perfect crew, and build out the perfect amount of booze. San Diego Bachelor Party is one stop show to all your bachelor party fun.

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