Party Like a Millionaire on a Power Yacht

You are the best man with an important task. You have to plan the Bachelor Party of your best bud. Huge responsibility. It's The Bachelor Party, a once-in-a-lifetime event. You need to figure out a few things before you start planning the whole event:

  • Where to find the perfect venue for your party?
  • Will it be a themed party?
  • Who'll be on the guest list?
  • How & who is going to entertain the guests?
  • What food and drink will be served?

Bachelor Party On a Power Yacht

Guys, you are in San Diego, do your bachelor party on a Yacht! Fully loaded with booze and everything else you need for an epic bachelor party. Fully loaded for and epic San Diego Harbor Cruise. San Diego Bachelor Party has created the Yacht Bachelor Party Package that includes; sun, fun, booze and cruise.

Imagine all of your bros on a power yacht, a catamaran or a sailing boat cruising along in the San Diego Harbor. Once we know how many guests you will be hosting, we will customize a fully stocked bar for you. We plan and execute every detail of your party.

We can also provide a professional bartender, a local girl who knows how to make an ordinary bar extraordinary. Having the bachelor party on a luxury yacht you'll have as much fun and frivolity as you want.

Adventures on Land and Sea with Overload Adventure

To provide the Ultimate Bachelor Party Experience to our clients we collaborate with top companies in San Diego. San Diego Bachelor Party has partnered up with Overload Adventure, a San Diego based top adventure company. They are specialized in power yachts and sailboats, and they can provide the best yacht for your event. No matter if you want a sophisticated sunset cruise or a bit wilder booze cruise, they have the best boat for your crew. Booking our Yacht Bachelor Party Package you'll experience unique moments in absolute luxury. Away from the coast, in the open sea, you will enjoy your private luxury Bachelor Party at the most.

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