Hilarious Halloween Party Planning Ideas

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Halloween tonight? Craved pumpkins, ghosts, witches and other creepy creatures await you on this thrilling day. If you're in charge of the Halloween party planning this year you clearly have some work to do.

Whether your group of friends likes scream-free or super-scary parties, you'll find many Halloween party ideas on the internet; ideas for decorations, snacks, booze and games to make your party fun and spooky. If you throw a party on Halloween, you definitely need some engaging games.

Here are some of the most popular Halloween party games for adults:

  • Murder Mystery Game- your guests will become characters in a murder story and they will have to find out which character is the murderer.
  • Halloween Box- fill some boxes full of items like noodles, peeled fruits, and other things and see if your guests can guess what the items are only by using their hands.
  • Halloween Jinx- as your guests arrive tell them that there are certain words that they not allowed to say. For those who forget, set up some fun penalty.
  • Battle of the Ballons- this is a hilarious game, your guests will have to race to pop all the balloons tied to the ankles of the other guests.
  • Pass it on Halloween Stories- gather your guests around in a circle and take turns weaving a spooky or funny Halloween tale.
  • Halloween Scavenger Hunt- split your guests into groups and ask them to race around the town and to get all the Halloween themed pictures they need to win this game.

Planning and throwing a successful Halloween party is not an easy task. It needs some party planning skills, but also time and energy. You need to come up with an engaging theme for your party, with some funny and scary games, to send invitations and to keep up the good spirits all night long. To save yourself from all that hassle you can always leave the whole party planning and organizing to a professional and reliable party planner.

With many years of experience in the party planning industry, we can help you organize the most thrilling Halloween party. Contact us and get ready to party.

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