Classic Stag Party

Most men would be surprised to hear that the tradition of having a bachelor party is originated from ancient times. The Spartan’s tradition was to hold a dinner for the groom on the night before his wedding day. This tradition continued in modern times. In the 1940’s and 50’s this special event was called a “gentlemen’s dinner.” It was thrown by the groom’s father and involved eating and toasting. Actually, this was a celebration of the groom-to-be rite of passage from single to married man.

During the last few decades, this elegant dinner was replaced by the bachelor parties. It is no longer an occasion to celebrate the groom’s rite of passages, but rather an occasion for the groom to have one more night of freedom before getting married. Dinner and toasting were replaced by strippers, gambling, and drinking.

Marriage will leave the groom less time to hang out with his friends. A bachelor party should really serve as a great opportunity for male bonding, a chance to do fun activities that may become less frequent after marriage.

If you feel to celebrate your bachelor party in a classy way, we can make it happen for you. We make a reservation in an elegant venue, create an elegant gentlemen’s club atmosphere with decorations. We also can help you to choose a proper dress code for your party. So instead of having a wild party you can celebrate with style, being served with a delicious dinner, smoking cigars, drinking first-class whiskey and spending quality time with your best friends.

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