San Diego Bachelor Party Add-ons

Themed Decorations

San Diego is the city of Comic-Con, everyone knows that. So if you plan a Bachelor Party in San Diego, get tuned to the city’s atmosphere and throw a themed Bachelor Party. We can organize a super-fun Star Wars themed party or a mystic Harry Potter themed Bachelor Party. Any theme you choose we can make it happen.

We can organize even an All American Bachelor Party where your hotel room or mansion, the party bus or the limo is decorated all in red, white and blue and you will be dressed in all red, white and blue. For a classy celebration, you can opt for a golden party, where everything is decorated in gold. Any idea you have about a themed bachelor party name it and we will organize it for you. Best man, be creative and inventive or pick your favorite theme and with our help, you can organize a truly unforgettable party for the groom!

Gift Baskets

Surprise, surprise! Guys, we have good news for you! Bachelor Santa is coming to town! We created three different gift baskets to make your event even more fun and special. Our gift baskets are loaded with all the beer, booze, snacks and cigars that will make your bachelor party one to remember. The best thing about our gift baskets is that they can be delivered straight to your bachelor party at your hotel, mansion or beach house. So, best man, call us to discuss all the details and set up another great surprise for the groom and all the guests at your bachelor party.


At San Diego Bachelor Party we provide a wide selection of quality services to organize a high-class bachelor party in the city. Whether you decide to celebrate on a luxurious yacht, in a private mansion or on a comfy party bus you can book a private bartender or a sexy waitress to spice up your event. Our bartenders and waitresses are experienced and skilled in mixing the best drinks for you, their fun and outgoing personality will create a great atmosphere at your special event. We’ll send our best bartenders and waitresses, you just get ready to party all night!

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